Freight Aircraft

Air Charter provide a wide range of aircraft, from helicopters to private jets, commercial ailiners to freight aircraft. We serve a variety clients including private individuals, corporate groups, sporting organisations and high profile personalities.

Fairchild Metro III

The Metro III is ideal for time sensitive short haul cargo flights. It has one of the most impressive payload capacities in its category due to a reinforced cabin floor and increased wingspan.

Boeing 737-300

The 737F remains one of the worlds most relied upon freight aircraft. The 300F is the modified version of its predecessor with a stretched fuselage it's perfect for carrying container freight over short and medium haul distances.

Antonov An-124/ Antonov An-124-2

The Antonov An-124 is a strategic airlift jet aircraft. Until the Boeing 747-8F, the An-124 was, for thirty years, the world's highest aircraft gross weight production cargo airplane and second heaviest operating cargo aircraft, behind the one-off Antonov An-225. The An-124 remains the largest military transport aircraft in the world.