Group Aircraft

Air Charter provide a wide range of aircraft, from helicopters to private jets, commercial airliners to freight aircraft. We serve a variety clients including private individuals, corporate groups, sporting organisations and high profile personalities.

Short Haul

Short haul aircraft are designed to meet the demands of small to medium sized groups travelling up to 4 hours.  

Medium Haul

Medium haul group aircraft offer a flexible solution for larger group travel. These aircraft remain the most popular for the group travel market.

Long Haul

Long haul group aircraft are the choice for long range international travel for groups of 300 to 600, with a wide range of options to ensure your charter is perfectly matched to your group.

Turbo Props

Turbo props, as a lighter group aircraft, are the ideal choice for smaller groups for short to mid-range flights.

Regional Jets

For groups of 50 to 80, regional jets offer a cost-effective and flexible solution for short to medium haul flights.