Private Aircraft

Air Charter provide a wide range of aircraft, from helicopters to private jets, commercial ailiners to freight aircraft. We serve a variety clients including private individuals, corporate groups, sporting organisations and high profile personalities.


Light jets are the ideal choice for short range flights of up to 2-2.5 hours for 4-6 passengers. Fast, efficient and economical.


Mid-size are the most popular private jets due to the choice of size, speed, comfort and versatility. Able to fly short and medium haul, carrying up to 13 passenegrs, most have stand up cabins and plenty of luggage space.


Heavy and ultra long range jets offer up to 18 passengers ultimate luxury and comfort for long haul flights, with lie flat beds large cabins and a flight attendant to tend to your every need.

VIP Airliners

Ideal for tour groups, government, VIPs or key personnel, VIP airliners are often seen as the ultimate status symbol, offering unrivalled comfort for up to 80 passengers.


For short haul trips, sporting and special events helicopter transfers offer the ideal solution for speed and convenience.

Air Taxis

Air taxis offer affordable and flexible short haul and nearby European trips for small groups of up to 6-8 passnegrs.