Heavy Aircraft

Air Charter provide a wide range of aircraft, from helicopters to private jets, commercial ailiners to freight aircraft. We serve a variety clients including private individuals, corporate groups, sporting organisations and high profile personalities.

Embraer Legacy 600

The Legacy 600 is unmatched in its class for performance, operation and interior size. The Legacy 600’s cabin is completely tailored with the business world in mind.  It is the first and only comparable jet with three separate cabin zones. The Legacy 600 brings the perfect combination of business and luxury to the skies.

Dassault Falcon 7X

Dassault's best ever selling busines jet, the 7X serves the needs of the world’s most discerning travellers. The distinctive 3 engine 7X has a large luxurious cabin  with the worlds most modern features capable to reaching Singapore, Sao Paulo or LA.

Gulfstream G650

With a waiting list of around three years and pre-owned G650s actually trading for higher prices than brand new models, there is no private jet in greater demand than the Gulfstream G650. The Gulfstream Cabin Management System (GCMS) app allows passengers to control the temperature, monitors and lights inside the cabin from their own smartphone. Even the on-board refrigerator has its own IP address, which automatically lets airport staff at the aircraft’s destination know when it is running low on supplies. Simply put, no aircraft allows you to fly as fast or as far in such comfort. The Rolls-Royce of business aviation.