Jetting off to Sardinia, a Group Charter Case Study

What's it like to travel on your own group chartered aircraft?

We often get asked what its like to travel on your own chartered aircraft. And is it so different compared to hopping on a scheduled service?  Usually the easiest way to answer this question is to recall a recent trip we have been on. So here goes…

A good client of ours required a charter for a small group of 30 people for an incentive to Sardinia for two nights. This particular client often asks that someone from Air Charter attend to offer support or step in to help with any issues should they arise. Peace of mind cannot be measured, but you kind of know how valuable it is. The schedule was designed to be as easy and relaxed as possible with a departure time from Stansted at 10am. Breakfast was laid on for those who wanted it in the exclusive VIP private terminal at Stansted, a beautifully appointed and furnished lounge set over two floors. I arrived early at 7.30am to make sure all was as it should be, staff briefed and everything ready for the first arrivals. The guests started turning up at around 9am and settled down to a delicious breakfast, read the papers and chat excitedly about what was in store for them over the next couple of days. At 9.45 we received a call from one of the guests who was stuck in traffic and running late. This sort of thing happens all the time and can usually be managed without any serious issues. As it turned out they arrived at 10.15 and we were able to depart at 10.30. Had this been a normal scheduled flight she would have missed the trip altogether.

Our aircraft was an all business class VIP configured Business Jet, and while we flew high above the blue Mediterranean towards Costa Smeralda guests sipped chilled Champagne. The weekend was fantastic, with plenty of sun and fun and great Italian cuisine. 

One of the best things about chartering is knowing that at the end of the trip you know that your flight home is going to be completely hassle free and something most guests really look forward to. After spending the last morning relaxing, the group had an amazing lunch on the beach before heading to the airport for a 4pm departure. The group arrived at 3.30pm and after a prompt departure guests were once again sitting back comfortably in their large leather arm chairs Champagne in hand. The only problem was the 2 hour 20 minute flight wasn’t long enough!

So when answering the question of whether chartering is worth it, of course there are caveats and there are occasions when using a scheduled service makes a lot more sense, however if you are an event organiser and you want your clients to experience a VIP offering only afforded to very few, chartering is an amazing way to travel. The use of the VIP lounges before you fly, choosing which aircraft to fly on, the flexibility to choose (and change) when and where to fly from to suit your group, the exact menus and what to drink and aircraft branding are just some of the reasons why our lovely event management clients always look to charter if possible. 

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